Born in Pontevedra, Cristina Stolhe's work analyzes the experience of everyday life through the photographic moment, exploring the different themes that her environment offers her.

Using analog and digital photography and mainly her mobile camera, her work explores everyday life, the harshness of the mundane and therefore her own life, documenting what she observes every day. Her work reveals an anxiety to understand everything that surrounds us and is translated into an accumulation of photographs, in an infinite search for the specific event that is translated into an immense archive of  portraits in which people and objects make up all her visual universe.

She has collaborated with media such as L'officiel México, I+D Spain, Vogue Italia, Coeval Magazine, Vein Magazine, Novembre Magazine, T-Magazine, Puss Puss Magazine (..) and with brands such as Loewe, Bimba y Lola, Edward Cuming, Paloma Wool, La Manso, among others.

In 2018 the editorial Terranova published her first book Random Pictures Book. The book was born as a project to transfer to paper the sensation of accumulation, excess, disorder and lack of technical quality of telephone photography. The page becomes a serialized grid of 9 images that follow one another without apparent structure, from the cover to the counter, as if it were a long and suffocating vertical scroll. Throughout its pages harmonic sequences and cacophonic collisions of random content alternate, hunted portraits, detailed documentations, cubist details, formal variations around the same subject, and the reiteration of some leitmotifs that obsess the author, such as the old ones, the nuns, the works, and the museums.

Random Pictures Book
, 2018 published by Terrranova can be found on sites like MACBA, Fundació Miró, Rarebook Paris, CCCB, Ivory Press among others.